Five women on a hill. (photo credit: Frank Herholdt/Microbicides Development Programme)

The Global Campaign for Microbicides is a broad-based, international coalition of organisations working to accelerate access to new HIV prevention options.

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1990 Zena Stein publishes seminal article on microbicides in American Journal of Public Health 1991 Advocates and their allies organize watershed symposium on the need for feasibility of Microbicides 1992 40 women leaders call for more microbicide research at international meeting in Barbados 1995 NIH issues its first grants (totaling $1.5 million) for microbicide-specific research 1998 Advocates launch Global Campaign for Microbicides 2002 UK government launches new 5-year £16 million research program on microbicides 2004 First Phase 3 clinical trial of a novel microbicide begins in South Africa 2006 Microbicides capture spotlight at International AIDS Conference in Toronto Our Future Men and women everywhere have access to a safe and effective microbicide
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