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Community Involvement Meetings

Dialogue on Community Involvement in Microbicide Trials in Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa July 2003

This meeting was co-convened by the Global Campaign and the South African Microbicide Research Initiative (SAMRI). The Dialogue brought together community outreach staff from eight research sites in four countries in southern Africa, marking the first time that community involvement in microbicide trials has been specifically considered across various networks. Thirty-five participants shared experiences and challenges from ongoing community involvement operations in their sites. Together they developed responses to some of the more challenging issues, and discussed various approaches to community involvement in microbicide research. Structured first of all as an exchange of experiences to-date, the Dialogue also involved extensive discussion of emerging practices, unresolved questions, and future directions for community involvement in microbicide trials.

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Community Involvement in Microbicide Clinical Trials Meeting, South Africa November 2007

In late November 2007, the Global Campaign invited a number of community liaison officers, social scientists working at clinical trial sites and other involved in community involvment work to an informal planning meeting around current and emerging needs in the areas of community involvement and civil society engagement in HIV prevention clinical trials.

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Community Involvement Community of Practice (CoP) Annual Meeting, South Africa November 2008

In November 2008, GCM convened the annual CoP meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in an effort to help support community practitioners in their work and facilitate the sharing of lessons learned and better practices across research networks and sites. Community staff working at HIV prevention research sites, community program managers, and others working on community involvement issues shared their experiences and dialogue on issues related to community engagement. The meeting was attended by 32 CoP members, representing the microbicide, vaccine, and PrEP fields.

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