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Past Events & Conferences

The Global Campaign's presence at Past Events, Trainings and Conferences

The Global Campaign's main strategy to reach new constituencies was to sponsor workshops, presentations, and/or events at venues and conferences that attract opinion leaders from the targeted communities. GCM took every opportunity to work with the communities and NGOs and provide them with the tools, trainings, resources and support to become informed and engaged microbicides advocates!

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29 March 2010: Positioning HIV Prevention on the Human Rights Agenda

In celebration of Human Rights Day in South Africa, the Global Campaign for Microbicides is hosted an event. Representatives from academia, human rights institutions, gender experts, and HIV prevention experts discussed the position of HIV prevention for women as a human rights issue.

Crowne Plaza Hotel


Johannesburg, South Africa

1-4 July 2007: AIDSIMPACT 2007

Marseille, France

The 8th International Conference on biopsychosocial aspects of HIV infection

The AIDS Impact conference was co-organised by the INSERM Research Unit 379 and the Federative Research Institute SHESS-AM.  It was an important international event devoted to the human and social science aspects of HIV and AIDS. The focus of AIDS Impact 2007 was on the creation of a network on the biological, psychological and social aspects of HIV by offering a platform where researchers, practitioners and users can engage in dialogue and debate. 

On Tuesday 3rd July,  4.30pm - 6.30pm Anna Forbes, Deputy Director of the Global Campaign for Microbicides and Dr. Frans van den Boom, Excecutive Director, European Programmes of IAVI (the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative) led a panel session on 'Ethical and social challenges of HIV prevention trials and how researchers are responding to them'.

Over the coming years, a range of new HIV prevention options are on the horizon which could change the face of global prevention efforts. What are the social and ethical implications of this research and development? How will societies and communities respond? How will decisions be made as to the introduction of all these new tools and what will be the cumulative effect of their implementation? Join this two-hour workshop which will explore the social context of HIV prevention research and present a number of key responses underway to address these questions.


Helen Gayle and Congressman Davis Address Microbicides and HIV Prevention for Women at the National Press Club - February 8, 2006