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Media Coverage at the 16th Int'l AIDS Conference: Toronto

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At AIDS Conference, Vaccines Take a Back Seat to Microbicides

'"The vast majority of women who become infected are infected through sex, and the vast majority of them are infected in the context of an ongoing relationship," said Lori Heise, director of the Global Campaign for Microbicides"

Seed Magazine 08/16/2006

Drug trials face obstacles: Vaginal gels could empower women, But clinical studies slow, cost millions

Researchers and activists stand together in the call for an affordable and accessible microbicide.

Toronto Star 08/16/2006

Experts Warn Scientific Gains on H.I.V. Not Enough

Experts address ethical challenges in HIV prevention research and the need to ensure access to those who need them most - once new methods are approved.  

New York Times 08/16/2006

AIDS attention turns to prevention: Focus is on helping women protect themselves from infection

"Every day an estimated 6,000 women around the world are infected with HIV; they make up more than half of all new infections."

CNN 08/16/2006

The kaisernetwork's HIV/AIDS Daily Report

Read the full report

Combatting stigma key to AIDS battle

Toronto Star 08/16/2006

Global conference focuses on anti-HIV gels, creams

The Gateses believe microbicides offer the best hope for women at risk for HIV. They said they will significantly increase support from the Microsoft founder's foundation to try to make it happen.

Cleveland Plain Dealer 08/16/2006

Conference Stresses Testing, Role of Women in AIDS Prevention

Former NewsHour correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault discusses some of the ideas coming out of the 16th Int'l AIDS Conference.

PBS 08/15/2006

Women key in AIDS fight: Gates

The Age 08/15/2006

New Hopes for Preventing AIDS

Anti-retroviral drugs have been so effective at treating HIV that researchers care now exploring whether they can perform double duty.

TIME 08/15/2006

Good news in the fight against Aids

Mail & Guardian 08/15/2006

AIDS conference opens with call to deliver

UNAIDS Executive Director Dr. Peter Piot calls for the immediate doubling of funding for microbicides research and development.

BUA News 08/14/2006

Melinda Gates calls for HIV prevention tools for women at AIDS Conference

Melinda Gates and Louise Binder speak out about the need for microbicides and how gender inequalities compound the epidemic and 'fuel infection rates'.

MacLeans 08/14/2006

Gates: The Next Big Breakthrough Against AIDS

"We want to call on everyone here and around the world to help speed up the next big breakthrough in the fight against AIDS - the discovery of a microbicide..."

Associated Press (picked up by ABC) 08/14/2006

South Africa: Humanity Needs to Work Together to Defeat Aids - Gates 08/14/2006

AIDS blocker: Gates calls for pill

The Sydney Morning Herald 08/14/2006

Gates criticises HIV abstinence policies

The Guardian 08/14/2006

Empowering women key to fighting AIDS: Gates

CTV News 08/14/2006

Officials must remove moral issues from fight against AIDS,
Bill Gates says 08/14/2006

Arm women with AIDS-preventing drug, Gates urges

Washington Post 08/13/2006

AIDS angels of influece: Movers and shakers in the AIDS community

Toronto Star 08/13/2006

Gates Stresses Drugs for HIV Prevetion

CBS 08/13/2006

Gates Urges AIDS Drug for Women

Wired News 08/13/2006

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Africa's Condom-Wary Women, Hit by HIV, Await Protective Gels

Bloomberg 08/10/2006