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About the Campaign

Welcome to the Global Campaign for Microbicides

The Global Campaign for Microbicides (GCM) was a civil society organization that worked to ensure the ethical and accelerated development and widespread access to new and existing HIV-prevention options—especially for women.


Without vested interest in any particular product or technology, GCM served as a trusted convener of people and ideas. GCM worked collaboratively with industry, policymakers, civil society, and researchers to develop and share resources, inform and develop policy, identify and promote better practices, and build and strengthen the capacity of the HIV-prevention field—with a special focus on microbicides and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).


GCM worked to ensure that as research proceeded, the rights and interests of women, potential end-users, trial participants and communities were represented and respected.

Specifically, the goals of the Campaign were to:

  • Mobilize and sustain political will: Build citizen demand and governmental support for the timely development, introduction and use of new HIV prevention technologies, particularly for women.
  • Promote stronger civil society involvement: Strengthen capacity and expand opportunities for advocates and communities to engage with research and clinical trials productively.
  • Enable trials: Identify ethical challenges and policy obstacles to the timely implementation of HIV prevention trials and broker the open, well-informed discussion and cross-sectoral consensus building needed to resolve them.

The Global Campaign pursued  its work through a small core staff based in Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Washington, DC. The Campaign Secretariat was housed at PATH, an international, nonprofit organisation that improves the health of people around the world.