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Some of these links will lead you directly to a page on microbicides. For others, you may have to search on your topic of interest to find the relevant material. This section is organised as follows:

1. Microbicides Advocacy and Policy
2. Female controlled Prevention Options (female condom & cervical barriers)
3. Reproductive and Sexual Health Organisations
4. General Women’s Health
5. Rectal Microbicide Development/Gay Men's Health
6. Research and Clinical trials
7. Bioethics
8. HIV/AIDS General Information Sites
9. HIV Vaccines and Vaccine Advocacy
10. HIV Treatment Advocacy
11. Living with HIV/AIDS
12. Students Fighting against HIV/AIDS
13. Suggest a link

Microbicides Advocacy and Policy

Alan Guttmacher Institute

Alliance for Microbicide Development

Global Microbicides Project

International Partnership for Microbicides

Microbicides as an Alternative Solution

Reproductive Health Technologies Project

Female Controlled Prevention Options

Female Health Company

Family Health International

Cervical Barrier Advancement Society

Reuse of the Female Condom

Reproductive and Sexual Health Organizations

Ibis Reproductive Health

International Planned Parenthood Federation


National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (U.S.)

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Remidios AIDS Foundation

Reproductive Health Outlook

Sexuality Education Information Council of the US

General Women’s Health

Boston Women’s Book Health Collective

Canadian Women’s Health Network

International Women’s Health Coalition

National Women’s Health Network (U.S.)

US Office on Women’s Health

Women’s Health Matters

World Health Organization – women’s health

The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS

Rectal Microbicide Development/Gay Men's Health

Gay Health

International Rectal Microbicide Advocates

Research and Clinical trials

AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service

American Federation of AIDS Research

European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership

European Microbicides Project

European & Developing Ccountries Clinical Trial Partnership - EDCTP

Family Health International

International Center for Research on Women

International Partnership for Microbicides

Microbicide Development Programme (MDP)

Population Council

The Microbicides Research and Development Portfolio

South African Medical Research Council

US National Institutes of Health


Nuffield Council on Bioethics

US President’s Council on Bioethics

The Hastings Center

HIV/AIDS General Information Sites

The following are, for the most part, oriented toward the lay reader (those who are not medical professionals).

AEGIS (AIDS Education Global Information System)

A library of HIV/AIDS information, news articles and other publications.


The US government’s AIDS information system, includes clinical trials database.


UK community-based treatment information source.

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)

Canadian community-focused treatment information source

HIV i-Base

UK community-based treatment information source.

HIV InSite

University of California at San Francisco's HIV information site, includes HIV vaccine trials database.

Johns Hopkins AIDS Service

Information from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Kaiser Daily HIV-AIDS Report

Daily news service from the Henry J. Kaiser foundation.

Medscape HIV-AIDS

HIV/AIDS information targeted to medical providers.


Community-based treatment information, newsletter and reports

Project Inform

Community-based treatment information source based in San Francisco.


A library of AIDS-related information



Their latest Epidemic Update on the homepage provides current HIV/AIDS statistics globally and regionally
NAM is an award-winning, community-based organisation, which works from the UK. They deliver reliable and accurate HIV information across the world to HIV-positive people and to the professionals who treat, support and care for them.

HIV Vaccines and Vaccine Advocacy

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition

HIV Treatment Advocacy

If you are looking for medical/scientific information about HIV/AIDS issues, please see the HIV/AIDS General Information Sites listed below.

ACT UP/New York  ACT UP/Paris

AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition (ATAC)

Canadian Treatment Action Council

European AIDS Treatment Group

Treatment Action Campaign

For other U.S. based groups, check out Project Inform’s policy resource guide:

Living with HIV/AIDS

Note: Only international coalitions are listed here for reasons of space; please see the following for links to national organizations.

International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS

International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

Society for Women and AIDS in Africa

The Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS


Students Fighting against HIV/AIDS

The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)