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More Prevention Options

Microbicides would fill a significant gap in our ability to fight HIV, but they are only one part of a range of prevention strategies. Some tools and strategies can be implemented immediately by individuals. Others need more support from governments and donors, and others are still in progress in the laboratory.

The goal at the Global Campaign was to advocate for access to a broad range of prevention tools and strategies that collectively give women and men the power to protect themselves from HIV and to end this disastrous pandemic.  Our response to AIDS had been hampered by a reluctance to take the bold steps that are needed…

  • To talk openly about sex and sexuality;
  • To try new strategies even in the absence of perfect knowledge; and
  • To invest the significant resources necessary to create "state of the art" prevention, in addition to "state of the art" treatment.

There is no one solution to the AIDS pandemic except the sincere and aggressive pursuit of all potential options available to us.