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The Need

Microbicides could benefit many types of users

As a user-initiated technology, microbicides would fill an important prevention gap for women and men who are unable to successfully negotiate mutual monogamy or male condom use. Different groups of people have different life styles, risk factors, and negotiating power within their relationships --a reality that affects their ability to implement existing prevention strategies. Microbicides would be a useful tool for many groups of people in many different circumstances.

Women and HIV Risk Both biological and social factors that contribute to women's particular vulnerability to HIV.

HIV Positive Women Positive women have specific needs for microbicides and are among microbicides' most vocal advocates.

Violence, Women and HIV Women dealing with violence in their lives are at the highest risk of HIV.  Multiple factors put women in violent situations at increased risk of becoming infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

Rectal Microbicides --- Heterosexual men and women, gay men and males who have sex with males practice anal intercourse (AI) for pleasure. 

Microbicides and Men Though often referred to as a prevention option for women, microbicides would offer prevention options to men as well.

Mothers to child transmission Microbicides could have a role to play in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission.