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AIDS 2006 - Toronto

Microbicides were the pulse of AIDS 2006 - the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada - 13-18 August 2006.   Below, you can find a summary of media coverage, links for more information, a few key presentations, and guides to microbicides related events.

Media coveragecoming out of the 16th International AIDS Conference

Official conference website,

Key presentations related to microbicides:

  • Session title: Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials: Tenofovir and Beyond. Presentation: Making the ethical feasible: assuring future access to care to those who sero-convert in microbicide trials, by Anna Forbes, United States powerpoint
  • Session title: HIV Prevention: evolution and change in programme development. Presentation: New technology in HIV prevention – microbicide development to date
    Lori Heise, GCM  powerpoint
  • Plenary Session on Tuesday. Presentation: Microbicides and other prevention technologies, by Gita Ramjee, HIV Prevention Research Unit, Durban, South Africa pdf
  • New Prevention Technologies at the Global Village main stage. Presentation: Microbicides: Who, what, where, when and how, by Rebekah Webb, GCM powerpoint

Guides of activities related to women, HIV, and microbicides:

  • Microbicides roadmap, click here. Roadmap
  • New Prevention Technologies roadmap, click here.